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Upon a nice mid-spring day,
Let’s take a look at Nature’s way.
Breathe the scent of nice fresh air,
Feel the breeze within your hair.

The grass will poke between your toes,
Smell the flowers with your nose.
Clouds form shapes within the skies,
And light will glisten from your eyes.

Hear the buzzing of the bees,
Climb the tallest willow trees.
Look across the meadow way,
And you shall see a young deer play.

Pick the daisies as they grow,
Watch a gentle cold stream flow.
Know the sounds of water splash,
Catch its glimmer in a flash.

When altogether all seems sound,
Lay yourself upon the ground.
Take a moment to inhale,
And listen to Nature tell her tale…

A video with sounds from our animals.
Made by Respectanimalrights with animated Gif. Last from Frozen Planet BBC
Sounds from IWHALES, MarcoVids, Racingextinction, my 📱 signals.

We know that a lot of our followers keep a close watch on SeaWorld news but, for anyone who hasn’t already heard, there have been some big events there lately.

SeaWorld is facing more major backlash as they deal with yet another tragic loss of Takara’s 3-month-old calf, Kyara. Kyara will be the last whale born at the park, since it announced it would not continue its breeding program in March 2016. SeaWorld officials announced the calf died due to pneumonia, after facing serious health issues over the last week. What was most alarming to many was that they actually separated mom and calf as the calf’s health began to decline. Although it is sad to see the loss of any animal, this only provides further evidence that even the the best veterinary and medical care can not provide what the Orcas need most: its natural habitat. As Dr. Lori Marino states, “What the death of this young calf tells us is that these animals cannot thrive in concrete tanks. This is about forcing these animals into a situation that they don’t have any adaptations to. And because of that you see them basically dying, left and right.” Kyara marks 40 orcas that have now died in SeaWorld’s tanks.
In San Diego, SeaWorld is also dealing with more health issues, as Kasatka the matriarchal orca suffers from a major chronic bacterial infection that is taking its toll on her life, as she is becoming unable to fight the illness due to a weakened immune system. Kasatka has been one of SeaWorlds most successful breeders, birthing multiple calves, including Takara the mother of the same orca calf that died this week. The loss of Kasatka would be a great tragedy as her life was already taken from her when she was captured off the coast of Iceland in 1978 taken from her family, and forced to live her life as an asset to a corporation for 39 years, not as an individual but as a commodity. As Samantha Berg states, “It is Kasatka’s LIFE – not her death- that is the real tragedy.”

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A message from me to you, I think you understand it.

Video ANTI THREE RA(Loro Parque) ,Marco Vids (wild)

Marineland Animal Defence PSA 


Wild caught off the coast of Iceland in the late 1970s, Kiska is the only survivor of the failed experiment of captivity of Orcas in Canada.

She has watched as dozens of tanks mates died or got moved like Ikaika including her five babies. 

As many other Orcas who will meet the same fate and go to Captivity massgraves without your help. 

Help these Orcas to a Seapen and let them live a life and feel the rhythm of the ocean. 

Contact different organisations for help what you can do for Kiska and others in captivity,..send email, fax, phone,  talk to friends who will talk to other friends. Join events if you can . Never feel you’re doing nothing for example from home, every little thing counts. 

Do you know how many disabled persons there is who try and make a difference for these animals? Many , I know a few one with ALS that can’t talk without a machine anymore but she never keep silent for the voiceless. 

Never feel outside , YOU MATTER ,ALL OF YOU.





Seashepherd Global 

Orca Network 


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24 JUL: Introducing a new animal to a household when there is already one there can be very challenging. That’s what a parrot in Japan found out when it first met a cat companion. Find out more: #Parrot #Parrots #Cat #Cats #Animals #WildLife #Pet #Pets @masaki_1133 #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews

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